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 Basic info?

I’m planning on looking into this more but i was perusing other forums and noticed the odd name of this lizard so i decided to visit and hunt for pictures. Well I saw one picture and was in awe of the very pretty little gecko so I was wondering if anyone could give me a basic rundown of thier experiances, share some pictures, and let me know about how difficult they are to keep. And I’ll go ahead and point out that i already know it’s a bad idea to get an animal because I liked the name, but I’m gonna do this right if i do it.

05/23/08  10:44pm


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 Basic info?

yeah, that’s what made me look into these too, they had an interesting name...

i dont keep them but they’re pretty similar in care to cresteds, if not the same. they even have a gargoyle diet the same way they have the crested diet. they don’t really eat crickets i think, or won’t eat them a lot at least. i thought that was strange but whatever.

just search "gargoyle gecko care" for specifics

05/24/08  01:39am


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 Basic info?

That’s weird. Crickets are the only thing my gargoyle will eat.

06/23/08  08:33pm

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