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Samantha k
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 Petsmart over priced or not

they have had this guy for months and months and no one will buy him he is $99.99 is that to much what is a good price cause i want one but i don’t know if that is to much or not is it where and how much were yours ohh and if anyone has babies for a good price and can ship them to Alabama please let me know

03/18/08  01:26pm


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  Message To: Samantha k   In reference to Message Id: 1665763

 Petsmart over priced or not

That seems like an okay price to me. Out here where i live most of them are about 100$ to 150$, I got mine for cheaper because he had a small birth defect.

03/20/08  12:55am


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  Message To: KiruSama   In reference to Message Id: 1668252

 Petsmart over priced or not

See if you can find a breeder in you area. Petsmart is known for not taking care of there animals very well so you could end up with lots of problems if he has been there for a while. I sell some of my less expensive ones for 60-70 but then a red stripe will go for 150-250. But say if I were to sell you one w/ the shipping you would end up paying 100-110. Thats why I say find one in your area or go to a reptile show. Good luck!

03/21/08  03:55pm


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  Message To: S.   In reference to Message Id: 1670033

 Petsmart over priced or not

ok my mom got her water dragons from petsmart. she got all the lights and stuff. one of them came down with a problem in her leg...

09/04/08  06:02pm


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  Message To: Gecko_lover   In reference to Message Id: 1851386

 Petsmart over priced or not

i got mine for 150 but it came with a fully equipped 15 gal tall terrarium, which is actually a killer deal. Petsmart is notorious for not knowing what their talking about lmao...(P.S. First post :D)

09/14/08  10:13pm

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