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every1 seems to be handling gargs are they tame enough to do this?

08/07/07  01:46pm


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Yes, they are definitely handlable and mine is a lot less jumpy than the Cresteds we looked at. I have 4 and 6 year old girls so the lizard/gecko of choice had to fall into this category. My youngest got bit yesterday and a few drops of blood came out --I was surprised--but only because she tried to shove her finger in the face of our Garg in an attempt to pet her under her the neck. Other than that, shes been really mellow. So mellow, I can take her out of her cage and let her hang out on our 5 ft silk ficus tree (she likes the real wood trunk part) for hours. I dont even think shed go anywhere if I forgot about her but I suppose this is not a good idea.

She also is used to getting her fruit baby food hand-fed from fingers so if this is something that sounds fun--start yours out that way. My girls think its a bit too messy but a small ice cream sample spoon also works great!

09/05/07  05:52am

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