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 Two gorgeous girls a-comin!!!!

hey everyone!
i have a great relationship with my breeder, and as my two boys are really healthy and gorgeous i have decided to add a few new ladies to the mix. (for a GREAT PRICE TO BOOT!!! YAY!)
i should be receiving two female cresteds in a few months and try my hand at BREEDING (gasp!)
as of now i have two males that have been raised together and show no signs of aggression whatsoever (as i type they are all loved up together under the UVB lamp) i have another 20 gallon long aquarium and when the gals get here i was planning on taking bleak and housing him with one female and doing the same with brightside. do males and females ever fight.... will i have a hard time returning the boys to their shared quarters or will i be better off leaving them in the tank with their girls.....
in case you were worried i currently have 4 empty ten gallons and an empty 55 so housing babies and juvies should not be a problem.
anyone have any advice on this.....
my best to you and yours!

11/18/05  09:11am

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