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Hey guys about two weeks ago my little girl kenni got our of her cage. Now I’m not sure if my cats were able to pull her out through this small hole that was at the top of the cage or if she got out herself. We noticed she got out because our cats were going crazy over her dropped tail. After we picked her up and put her away everything went back to normal.She was eating a normal amount, but recently she hasn’t been eating as much. She is pooping and I’m pretty sure she shed today. But the thing that’s freaking me out is she has this weird dent on the left side of her lower body and when you rub over it,its caved in. Also there appears too be some sort of bruise on it. I’m scared it could be a broken rib. Please help we cant loose our baby girl

04/03/18  11:35pm


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Five words GO SEE A VET NOW!!!
That is a serious problem that I think only a vet can solve

04/04/18  01:11pm

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