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 Can i use an essential oil diffuser around my cresties?

i just got a diffuser for a graduation present and currently own 2 juvenile crested geckos. i have used the diffuser for periods of time with the oils orange, lemongrass and frankincense with them in the room. each time i only put 1-2 drops of oil in 60ml of water (which is the smallest amount for the diffuser). it didnt occur to me until about a day ago that it may be unhealthy for them. i stopped using it because of that. both of thier cages are fairly close to the diffuser as they are all on a book shelf however not close enough for the vapor to go directly into their cages. the vapors only go out from the diffuser about 5 inches before dissapating into the air. i have not noticed any unusual behavior from either but i have no intention of hurting my babies. i also have the oils: lavender, tea tree, peppermint, rosemary, and eucalypts that i have not used. are any of the oils dangerous to them? (they are all 100% therapeutic grade). please help because i love the scents but do not want to hurt them. thank you.

07/26/17  10:36am


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 Can i use an essential oil diffuser around my cresties?

Hey love, i have a humidifier and i run it with lavander oil all the time in my room which is home to my zoo, lol :) anyway personally i havent seen any effects on any of my reptiles but none of them are very close too it.

04/03/18  11:26pm

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