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Herpseeker   Weejimmy  

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 Where to buy

I’m interested in crested geckos, but I don’t know where to buy from. My local petshop usually doesn’t carry them. I’ve been looking at lllreptile or pangea reptiles. I kind of want to get the supplies for the little thing first. If this kind of post isn’t allowed I apologize.

08/24/15  03:36pm


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 Where to buy

I personally got mine from Petco. I wouldn’t usually advise going to a chain pet store like that, but that was literally my only option at the time if I wanted to get one. Look up JB’s Cresties. She has some really beautiful, quality, well cared for geckos and will ship when the weather permits. I do recommend getting proper supplies and doing some research before you get one though. If you have any questions about what you should get for one of these geckos or any care questions feel free to ask!

08/29/15  12:16pm

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