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Ron burgundy
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 New to Crested Geckos, need help!

Hello all! I recently decided i would like to keep lizards again. Several years ago I went through a phase of housing Green Anoles, Bahamian Anoles, Leopard Geckos, and even a Uromastyx which I love. But as college came around I found less and less time being given to them and I was not able to properly care for all of them so i gave them away to better homes. Life has calmed down again and I want to keep some new reptiles and I am particularly intrigued by Crested Geckos. I have always found them very cool and from recent research they seem fairly easy to maintain. I have quite a bit of leftover supplies and was wondering how much of it i could use for my upcoming adventure.

- Exo Terra 18x18x18 tank with front opening doors and a wire mesh top. I love this tank and if at all possible would like to use it. Is it big enough for one male and one female? Could i possible have one male and two females?

- I have a lighting unit that holds 2 fluorescent bulbs that run across the tank, I know UVB is not a must (from what Ive read) but i like the look of it and the brightness it provides.

- I also have a 75 watt flueker heat bulb as well as a 40 watt reptisun bulb for a basking spot if they need one. I have yet to see any care sheets say a basking spot is necessary but i just like the idea of the lizard being able to be warm if it wants to be. Is a basking spot a bad idea? If not, what is the preferred temperature?

- I do not have a misting piece of a equipment, but i do have a sprayer which i would use to mist daily.

- I plan on using the typical crested gecko powder diet just because of its simplicity. But i would also like to occasionally feed them crickets. Is it okay to mix the 2 diets together for a variety?

- The main question im really stumped on is what substrate to use. I hate terrarium liner even though many care sheets swear by it. If at all possible i would like some naturalistic soil mixture so i can plant a Pothos plant directly into the substrate (I love Pothos). I remember for my Anoles I used a soil mixture with some type of reptibark on top of it and it worked nicely and was very aesthetically pleasing. I am not looking to breed at all btw. So is there a healthy soil mixture that Crested Geckos can use while also being able to nurture a live plant?

Any information is wonderful and very appreciated! Thanks!

03/16/15  02:54pm


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  Message To: Ron burgundy   In reference to Message Id: 2312780

 New to Crested Geckos, need help!

Hello! Sorry for such a late response, but I think I can help you out a little! The tank you have is perfectly fine, but I would probably only keep one adult gecko in there. These geckos do NOT need any source of light or heat. I have a question for you. What is the temp in your house? If it is 65-75 degrees F, you don’t need any heat source. These geckos are nocturnal and do not bask, so no basking bulb is needed. I personally have no light for my gecko. A normal spray bottle is perfectly fine to mist with twice a day. I mainly feed my gecko the powder diet, but I also add in some crickets every once in a while because my gecko loves to chase them. If you are going to feed crickets as well, lightly dust them in calcium powder and I would only feed crickets about two or three times a month. I personally use a substrate called reptile bark. It’s big enough that the gecko cannot swallow it, but it also holds moisture to help with humidity. I don’t have plants, but I have some knowledge on how you can keep them with reptile bark as the top substrate still. You will need a drainage layer. Pet stores like petsmart sell bags with what looks like little balls in it called hydroballs. This will be the very bottom, drainage layer. Then you will need to cut out a mesh with the same dimensions as the tank to put on top of the hydroballs. You can use small rocks around the edge to hold the mesh down. You then can use some form of soil(this is where my knowledge runs thin, but if you research it I’m sure you can find something safe for the gecko and the plants). Plant your plants and top it off with the reptile bark. If you have more questions, fire away!

06/05/15  01:07pm

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