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 How fast can cresties grow?

I reserved a tiny 1-2 mont baby at a store a week ago today. They wanted to hold him for 2-4 weeks so he could get big enough to eat the small sized crickets from pet smart. I dident acuratly measure him but around 2-2.5inches including tail. I think his head was maybe just over pencil width.

What I’m asking is how many weeks would you guess it would take until he could eat ’small’ crickets?

And yes I’ll be mostly be feeding it cresie food mix and I have its home setup.

I’m really exited to get my baby. Than you, allielover

(I was planing on getting a new lizard for a while, the push got stronger when I lost one of my sweetest allies to his inbred mallformations. RIP Erebus(Gimp)he leaves behind his mother, sister and 3 brothers.)

01/06/14  12:24am


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  Message To: Allielover   In reference to Message Id: 2302922

 How fast can cresties grow?

It is hard to say. Each gecko grows at its own rate. It sounds like it would be able to consume the small crickets anyway. It would most likely be able to eat the pinhead crickets.

01/10/14  06:10am

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