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 Night light for crested gecko?

So, I’ve kept reptiles for years. I’ve always used red night bulbs on all of my animals.
Since my room stays 75-81 degrees, I don’t add any heat to my gecko.
Instead, I went out and bought a compact 13watt "party bulb." It’s on a clamp about 4-5 inched away from the tank. It is a /bit/ bright than my red heat bulbs on my snakes, but not noticeably. Do crested geckos mind red light? Or are their any other ways to supply night light to my geckos tank that you other owners recommend? He is active. He’s fairly new, after handling him for a few minutes tonight when I notice he was out (with the red bulb on), he went back to hiding. Is that just because of a little "new home" stress, or because of the light?
Note* He’s out now, moving around a bit.
I’ve also seen quite a few people setting red LED Christmas lights on top of their tank, as they don’t get hot. I don’t see them being munch dimmer than this, though.

So, basically, will this red bulb bother him at night? or should I just test it and see how active he is?
Any other recommend ways of night lighting for him?

The bulb:

05/05/13  11:53pm


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  Message To: CodyFord   In reference to Message Id: 2296883

 Night light for crested gecko?

Well i personally use no light or heat of any kind ever on my gecko tank. The only light is what comes through the windows during the day and the light in my room. I personally wouldnt recommend any lighting. If your looking for night viewing, get a lamp and get a red bulb and i would only have it on while im viewing them. Hoped this sort of helped.

05/14/13  07:07pm

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