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  Crestie egg help

I need some help. My cresties have been laying but I haven’t able to get to them in time. The 3 that I’ve incubated have all collasped. I really want babies but I’m so new at this I don’t know how to go about it. Do any of u guys that breed them use lay boxes and if so what do u use? Do u incubate the eggs in a incubator? What kinda temps r best to incubate them? Any help or advice would be awesome. Thanks!

03/13/13  08:30pm


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  Crestie egg help

I dont have a pair of cresties but ive still read about breeding them. You can try looking up jbs crested geckos on google. She breeds these guys and she has a very informative article on how to breed them and what to do for their lay box. You can also type jbscresties in the youtube search bar and watch some of her videos of her geckos laying eggs and whatnot. Just to get an idea of what your lay box should look like. You can just use a ziploc plastic container and cut a "door" in the lid for mama crestie to get in and a few little vent holes in the lid as well. The site will tell you substrate thats best for the lay box.

03/19/13  07:20am

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