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Mei   Winny117  

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 Breaking Waves !!!

Hello crestie lovers I am Mei and this is BW!! we love everything lizard!!! BW is a fan of crickets, fruit and pureed veggies, super snack fav is to lick a few fish flakes mixed with water out of a rock bowl : ) a humidity tip is to get a water fall from your pet store to keep it nice and wet! Also my the coconut bedding dampened is a good source of the humidity, we have 2 light bulbs a night and a day bulb....BW lives in a 40 gallon exo Terra tank and its nice an spacious with lots of different temp zones and various hiding places. BW’s fav toys are his motorcycle and his PoNy thanks for looking and reading guys!!

01/30/13  02:35pm


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 Breaking Waves !!!


02/01/13  08:43am

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