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 Help! Crested Gecko acting strange

I have had a crested gecko for about 2 yrs now, and have never had any trouble. The last couple days, however, he has been acting very strange. He has been very lethargic, which is not like him. Usually he is extremely active, so it worries me that he hasn’t been moving around much, he hasn’t been hunting the crickets i put in his cage yesterday (I feed him once a week), and he has seemed very weak. I tried raising the humidity in his cage to around 80%, and i checked his temperature, which is in the high 70s. He also shed this morning, but that didn’t affect his behavior either. Any help? Or ideas for what might be wrong with him? Thanks a bunch.

01/21/13  04:06pm


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 Help! Crested Gecko acting strange

Maybe you should feed him more... In my Cresties cage I always keep some CGD in there. I also give him crickets once a week. You may need to help feeding him with some CGD... They have youtube Videos about how to do it. I am thinking that since he is older, the amount of food he is getting is not sufficient making him weak. When I put CGD in his tank I leave it in for 2 nights... so I put new food in Every other night... From the reading I have done, feeding one time a week is not enough, unless your putting in a dummy ton of crickets that he munches on for the week...

01/22/13  10:37am

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