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 I need help with my cresties

I really wanna breed my cresties I have all the supplies I would need I just don’t know what to do I have one male and 2 females and they have all been together since I got them which has been about six months do I need to septet ate them from each other please help!

01/02/13  03:02pm


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 I need help with my cresties

First of all how old are they? If they are not the proper age you should not be breeding. You want your female to weigh about 35-40 grams or more since she will be having to produce the eggs. You should feed her calcium dusted crickets or other crestie safe insects before and after mating to ensure a healthy female and eggs. The male can be smaller since he is not producing the eggs. He needs to be at least 25 grams or more and there should be an obviously large bulge at the base of his tail(he is mature enough to reproduce at this age). To induce breeding you should keep the temps between 75 and 80 degrees during the day. You will. Want an at least 20 gallon tank for them to breed in to let them separate from each other and reduce the amount of fighting. If they are not mating yet then you could try keeping the female in a different enclosure for a few weeks and then reintroducing her to the enclosure that holds the male(this can cause immediate breeding or they might breed while your asleep at night). The mating can be quite violent looking, involving the male chasing the female and biting her on her neck and crest area. After they have mated you want to be sure that you keep a container at the bottom of the enclosure with a lid and a slot in the lid for the female to enter. Use vermiculite as the substrate inside of the laying box and keep it very moist. The pair will only need to mate about once per year. One mating can provide about 10-12 clutches of eggs with about 2 in each clutch throughout the year. Remeber if you dont have somewhere for the baby cresteds to go when they hatch then i suggest not breeding. Just one year could give you 20-24 new cresties. Most stores will not buy or take animals outside of their set venders. Just say if you have more questions!

01/04/13  04:11pm

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