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Burmball033c   Weejimmy  

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 Egggggggs HELP

Crested payed eggs they are really small and wrinkled

12/11/12  03:57pm


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  Message To: Burmball033c   In reference to Message Id: 2287465

 Egggggggs HELP

Has she recently been with a male? Are they bright white or a palish yellow? Are they firm or sunken in? If she has been with a male and the egg is white DO NOT turn it!! If you must move it use a marker and put a dot onthe top so you dont turn it. Once you mark it if you want to make sure its fertile you can carefully pick it up and candle it. That is just limiting the amout of light coming out of a flashlight with paper so it is just a small beam of light and you put the egg up the beam of light and there should be a light circle with a little black dot in the middle somewhere. That little black dot is the start of a new little baby gecko!

12/15/12  02:54pm

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