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 Selling my cresteds

I have 2 crested geckos from anthony caponetto and I really have no idea where to sell them. The standard response is kingsnake and I found out recently you have to have a membership to post a classified there, I’m not doing that since I don’t really have money in the first place and they might not even sell. I’m trying to sell them on craigslist and most people don’t even know the value of them. Help?

10/16/12  12:09pm


The Lone Glider
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 Selling my cresteds

I’m looking for some cresties.. I have one, and I am looking for a few particular types though.. A red harlequin male, several different Dalmatians. like a red, orange and white. and some pins. I know about their care. I use to have a bunch but had to get ride of them. They would be in good care here. Let me know more about them and if you are interested.. and if I don’t take them, Try I think you have to have an account, but it’s free. other then that, make signs and post them around your house. lol. Or... you could try to go to a reptile show...

11/15/12  10:35am


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 Selling my cresteds

Faunaclassifeds is a free forum that you can post free ads to. But most people will be looking to have the animals shipped. I don’t know if you’ll do that. But you can also find local people too.

That, and geckosunlimited are really good sites.

12/21/12  11:37pm

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