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Winny117   Herp Helper   Ento890  

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 New Crestie

Hey Guys!

I just got my crested gecko on sunday. I will hopefully be able to start handleing him this weekend (since he has had a week to get used to it). But he is a small guy and super fast. I am worried about holding him because 1) I dont want to drop him from him jumping around 2) him running off me and getting away. Whats the best way to combat a baby crestie who is all over the place?

09/06/12  12:58pm


Herp Helper
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 New Crestie

Hand-walking. Essentially let it walk from hand to hand. Or form a tunnel with your fingers.

It’s not going to want to sit still.

Also, it’s probably a good idea to handle it over a table or bed, so if by chance it does fall, it won’t be far and it shouldn’t get hurt.

I just recently got mine so I’m not the most experienced in this but from the few times I’ve handled mine that’s what I can tell you.

09/10/12  03:36pm


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  Message To: Herp Helper   In reference to Message Id: 2279824

 New Crestie

Daily handlings make them calm down really quickly.
Handle over a bed or couch if you think you may drop him.

09/12/12  06:52am

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