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 Two types of geckos: one cage

Yo! just wondering if it would be bad to have a crested gecko in the same cage as a Chinese cave gecko. bad results or could they tolerate each other? let me know what ya think!

07/30/12  05:09pm


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  Message To: Isaac2   In reference to Message Id: 2274951

 Two types of geckos: one cage

Two different species together equals bad results. Its not that they wouldnt get along but different species carry different parasites and a good parasite to one could be deadly to the other. So basically if your gonna have two different species you need to have two different cages. Not only the parasites but different species also have different requirements and needs.

07/30/12  05:37pm


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: Weejimmy   In reference to Message Id: 2274953

 Two types of geckos: one cage

What Wee Jimmy said- not recommended. Different needs, shared parasites, stress from competition for prey items and food. Tank gets dirtier faster. Cresties are very territorial, as most lizards are. Im not familiar with the other geckos, but I would assume they are too... why set up for fights and stress when it can easily be avoided?

08/03/12  06:42am

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