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Iggy96   Herp Helper   Weejimmy  

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 My New Crestie

So I have been preparing for a Crestie for a few weeks now and today I finally went to Petco and got him! His name is Dini because when I was opening the box he hopped out and scuttled behind my desk and I had to rescue him. He is my little escape artist. <3 I think he is a he, but he is to small to tell.

Here he is sitting on my finger once I caught him.

And here he is settling down quite nicely this afternoon. I love him already and he will be a great addition to my collection. Oh, and if anybody can tell me what morph he is I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

07/28/12  07:20pm


Herp Helper
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 My New Crestie

Grats on your new Cresty! He’s really cute! ^.^

Got any pictures of the whole setup? I’d love to see it!

07/28/12  11:03pm


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  Message To: Herp Helper   In reference to Message Id: 2274831

 My New Crestie

Aaawww he is cute!! He looks very similar to mine (a few weeks ago i got mine from petco also!) i am no good at morphs especially because my current crestie so im sorry but i cant help ya there. So congrats as i know what its like to finally get the crestie that you have waited and prepared for for so long!! I too am very attatched to my little crestie!! Have fun with your new addition!!!

07/29/12  10:35am

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