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Weejimmy   Maggie_Mae  

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 How much!!!??!

So i just purchased my very first crested gecko tonight and i am super happy and excited. It is just a baby probably a few weeks to a month old by the look of its size. How much CGD should i use per feeding? I was thinkin maybe a half a teaspoon but i would like to know your opinions!?

07/06/12  09:43pm


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  Message To: Weejimmy   In reference to Message Id: 2272417

 How much!!!??!

I’ve always fed one teaspoon (remember two teaspoons of water to each teaspoon of CGD). After a few days it hardens so I soak the lid (that I feed with) in hot water and leave it out until the next day then refill with new CGD

07/08/12  02:30am

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