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 Need info!!

Okay so i currently have a green anole and have been keeping them for a little over a year now. I have all of the proper care for them but they just keep dropping like flies after a few months of bein healthy. They go from perfect health to suddenly odd behavior and eventually death. I do not know of the cause but my remaining lizard that i have had since ive started is all of a sudden starting to act weird. I have this horrible feeling that she is just barely hanging on. If she does go i dont think i will go back to the green anole even though i have a deep love for them. I dont want to have to go out and buy more expensive things. I have always had a little special place in my heart for crested geckos. I am not educated on them but from what ive seen they live in tropical areas and have similar needs as the green anole. Could someone try and tell me everything they can about the care of a crested gecko?? Thanks in advance. Cheers

06/27/12  03:52pm


T-Roy Canada
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  Message To: Weejimmy   In reference to Message Id: 2271381

 Need info!!

Sorry to hear about your Anoles.
Crested Geckos are a great pet, especialy as a starter.
They love to be held, and are very docile.
comming in many different morph’s and colors, it can be easy to start a collection.
When it come to care and housing... very easy.

Try to keep tempuratures:
72 - 80 F during the day
65 - 70 F at night
Temp over 82 F can stress your gecko and could cause death.
Use a water dish (they will not drink out of it) to keep humidity levels around 55% - 70% during the day and mist at night to get over 85%.

Enclosure setup will be much the same as your anoles.
UVB light is required during the day!

06/29/12  03:34pm


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  Message To: T-Roy Canada   In reference to Message Id: 2271618

 Need info!!

Wow. That sounds really easy. All i would really have to do is get a lower wattage basking light bulb. I have not completely decided if i am going to switch over yet but this news may have just raised the crested gecko bar higher. Can you tell me like what is best for them to eat and how often?? Thanks in advance!

06/30/12  02:37pm


T-Roy Canada
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  Message To: Weejimmy   In reference to Message Id: 2271735

 Need info!!

Crested Gecko Diet (CGD) is the proven best dietary option for a crested gecko.
You can feed your crestie every other day with this food.
It is 2 parts water and 1 part CGD in powder form.

Along with this diet it is also a good idea to have insects for more protien. Crickets, Meal worms, Pheonix worms, Silk worms, Roaches, etc.. Crested Geckos are hunters and love to sneak up on crickets. With any insects used, be sure to purchase them from your local pet store (not from outside in the dirt), choose appropraite sized insects, and remember to dust with Calcium and D3.

Check out site like: | |

All great sites, with good information.

07/03/12  09:31am


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  Message To: T-Roy Canada   In reference to Message Id: 2272052

 Need info!!

Thanks much!!! I researched for like 2 hours yesterday on a whole bunch of websites!!! I have some work to do before i go get my new baby. I am going to replace my substrate so it is fresh and new and probably bleach all of my decor to be extra sure everything is like new from my anoles. I am excited. I think i have one more question. Can anybody tell me the best method to pick out a healthy gecko from a local pet store. It is the only available place i have to get one and what ive seen they dont look to bad but i want to get it right the first time due to their expensiveness. Thanks!!

07/03/12  10:01am


T-Roy Canada
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  Message To: Weejimmy   In reference to Message Id: 2272056

 Need info!!

The price for Cresties usually depends on the morph/color/pattern.
When selecting your Crested Gecko, it will more then likely be during the day... so do NOT expect them to be active. They are pretty lazy during the day.

However, you can look for these simple signs:

• Body and tail rounded and filled out
• Clear nose and vent, and eyes
• Healthy skin with no unshed skin attached
• Eats regularly
• Straight tail without curves or kinks
Ask what the pet store has been feeding them, and the last time they shed.
Another thing you can ask, which is going out on a limb from a pet store.. is if they have pictures of the adults. Seeing the adults colorings and patterns gives a better idea of what your chosen Crested may turn out to look like.

07/03/12  10:53am


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  Message To: T-Roy Canada   In reference to Message Id: 2272059

 Need info!!

Thanks again for the reply. I am nervous as ever just because i am new to them and i want to do it right. Haha. My pet store sells them for $50 so i am gonna be extra careful when choosing. But from what i can see they all looked pretty good. Thanks much!!!!!!!

07/03/12  11:15am


T-Roy Canada
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  Message To: Weejimmy   In reference to Message Id: 2272063

 Need info!!

Better to make sure. No problem at all.
$50.00 is pretty cheap. In Canada at a pet store they are usually $75.00, or at least in Ontario.

Good luck with your purchase. If you have any questions down the road, post them.

07/03/12  12:27pm

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