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 Crested tank

crested gecko sit up

05/06/12  09:04am


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  Message To: Van_jen2005   In reference to Message Id: 2265445

 Crested tank

It is a pretty set up. I would suggest reconsidering the sand bottom for a few reasons however. First is aesthetics. Crested come from a tropical environment (think jungle).

Secondly, sand might be a concern if your little friend ingests it. It can cause impaction...which can lead to health problems or even death.

Thirdly, sand does not hold moisture as well as a soil type substrate. I would suggest something like eco-earth by exo terra or one of the coconut fiber bedding materiel..or a mix of potting soil (without perculite) and cocofiber.

I use a mix of eco-earth and coc fiber bedding. It holds moisture, will not impact and is easy to clean..scoop up the soiled bedding and replace it with some more.

Just food for thought.

06/09/12  02:59pm


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  Message To: Draxx   In reference to Message Id: 2269363

 Crested tank

I don’t think that’s sand I think it’s paper towel.

06/10/12  07:18pm


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: Baja   In reference to Message Id: 2269485

 Crested tank

What Baja said. Looks like paper towels- which are easy to clean and hard for a crestie to injest. Still dry and doesnt hold moisture well- but really not a bad substrate- all things considered.

Good bedding advice still though!

06/26/12  08:48am

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