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 Housing together

Hey guys, I got my first crested geckos about 4 months ago. The first was planned and I set up the tank days before getting him/her and and brought him home and got him all set up. Wellllll... When I went to petco to get the food (only place i could find who had repashy) I saw a beautiful crestie I just couldn’t pass up. I fell like the biggest hypocrite cause I am a huuuge advocate against impulse buying animals, but I just couldn’t help myself :/ I did my research before purchasing and read everything I could, but of course the one thing I admittedly didn’t look up was the compatibility of these guys!! So angry at myself for doing this. As soon as I got home I put them together and had my fiance keep an eye on them while I did a little research on this subject. I found lots of conflicting info, the only definitive "NO!" being with housing 2 males together. I hesitantly decided to wait until I could accurately sex them before splitting them up if needed.

fast forward 4 months, and everything is fine. They don’t seem to mind each other at all, and every morning they are sleeping right next to one another. Feeding goes well, and I make sure to keep them separate so no accidental biting occurs. Now, I have come to the conclusion that I have a male and a female. The "male" has extremely large... ahem... male parts, and his femeral pores are easily visible. The "female" has no pores visible and no.. uhm... male part to be seen. I looked at the pores with a magnifying glass. The main issue is that they are rapidly growing and in a 10 gallon tank... which has become too small and I know this.

Should I get one large tank for them, or one medium tank and keep one in the 10 gallon for now? I know I could end up with eggs at some point, and would actually love to try my had at breeding them. Should I separate until they are of mature breeding age/size? Should I let things happen naturally... or as naturally as it can be ten thousand miles from their native land, forced together into a glass box with an artificial environment?

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I would really appreciate the advice!


05/04/12  12:39am


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 Housing together

First off, you are very right, 10 gallon tank is much too small for one adult (let alone two). They are an arboreal species meaning they like to be up high. I have 2 adult cresties. One is in an 18"x18"x24" zooMed terrarium and the other is in a 12"x12"x18" which has been modified and made taller. I would suggest the 18"x18"24" if you are going to house them both together. But I think the better way to go is get 2 of the 12"x12"x18" (or similar) and house them separate. The male will want to mate constantly and she will get very stressed and ill if she is laying eggs non stop. She will need time away from the male. Mating and breeding is a whole different topic. I have a link somewhere with info on that. So as for enclosures, that is my opinion.
I have had my male crestie for about 2 years and the female for about 1. I don’t breed them but best of luck to you if you do. Hatchlings are too adorable and I would end up keeping them all xD even though I don’t have any more space for terrariums

If you have any more questions feel free to ask me.

05/10/12  11:41pm

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