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Orange cresty   Maggie_Mae   Ento890  

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Orange cresty
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 Hiding places?

i have a ? about hidding places i really dont have that many hidding places for my baby cresty. i have alot of new zeland moss and he really likes it and goes in it when i have the light on.

Is this good enof hiding places for him not to get stressed out.

ps. it is coverd all over at the bottom of the tank

01/03/12  11:26pm


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  Message To: Orange cresty   In reference to Message Id: 2249597

 Hiding places?

I don’t use moss for my crested gecko, mostly because you really gotta be careful about which type you use. You shouldn’t use moss as a substrate though, its not meant to be used like that. But the more plants and trees the better. You can get the plastic ones at a petstore or the dollar store. All cresties love to hide. It’s in their nature.

01/15/12  02:44am


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  Message To: Maggie_Mae   In reference to Message Id: 2251081

 Hiding places?

Moss, I’m assuming, is on the bottom of the cage? Plastic plants and vines should be up higher in the cage. They are a vertical species and don’t stay on the ground much at all.

01/21/12  10:02am

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