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i want to make my own incubator but was wondering if anyone knew how or had any info!

08/18/11  01:52pm


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I just use an empty Hillshire Farm meat container.You can fill it with 2 cups of perlite and a cup of water together and drain the excess water or you can replace the perlite with vermiculite or super hatch or a mixture of those.But I incubate them for the first 2 months in the container buried with ecoearth.This seems to work for me im guessing cuz it covers the whole egg instead of only half.I unbury the eggs when they are about to hatch.If they do hatch underground,they always come to the surface anyways.

08/21/11  02:25pm


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Here is what i heard works well, normally i just use a rubbermaid container and leave it in the parents cage.

Get a cooler(forget exactly what its called, but the boxes that you put ice in to keep things cold):P
fill it up with about 3-4 inches of water
place a under water heater in the water to the desired temp
place a couple bricks in the center and place the container with your eggs on top of it

09/26/11  06:44am

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