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Tbone21   Crestiebesties  

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I bought a male female pair of dalmations the other day. I also got two other females who are in quarentine right now from a different source. I have the male female in one of the large tall zoomed enclosures. Very simple setup. Paper towel substrate and some branches and plants. Some people say use lay container some said use a dirt substrate. How do you find eggs if dirt substrate is used? Any tips on breeding these guys from begginning to end would be great. I have bred and kept leos and other lizards and snakes this is my first time setting up a crested project. Thanks in advance.....

09/19/12  10:11pm


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I’m also here for the same information but I only have one male and 2 females and I’ve had them together since I got them and I’m not sure what to do

01/02/13  03:16pm

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