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Hey everyone,
As you know I have been planning beginning my first breeding project with my leos for a while now and feel I am close to starting off. I just want some help as to what morphs it would be best to aim for from the geckos I have already got. I’m quite easy as I think they are all beautiful, but do want to produce some which will be more popular with pet shops than normals. I have 3 or 4 specialist reptile shops ready to take the juveniles and another general pet store and have everything else apart from a pulse proportional thermostat for my incubators which I will buy before I introduce any geckos.

Okay so the geckos I currently have are as follows:

* Aziza - Hypo female - Hets unknown, too small to breed at the moment (35g)
* Epti - Hypo female - hets unknown, too small to breed at the moment (30g)
* Tien - Patternless male - hets unknown, too small to breed but gaining weight and size rapidly (35g+ not been weighed this week)
* Kamara - Tremper albino female (66g)
* Clementine - Hypo tangerine carrot tail female from urban gecko line (62g)
* Maxemus Snow - Mack snow male, been bred before (84g)
* Maxine - (Maxemus snow’s daughter) Female normal with some lavender banding, has been bred before (70g)

If anyone could give me some idea where to start, all girls and boys are seperate from one another and all equipment is set up ready bar the pp thermostat. so im good to go just want to know where to start and what I can produce with the lizards i have!

Thanks :D

03/01/11  06:14am


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From the geckos you list, I’d pair up :

Mack snow x Tremper x = 50% normals het tremper 50% Mack snows het tremper

(line breed snows to create tremper mack snows)

Mack snow x HTCT = Mack snows, normals, tangerines.

Mack snow x Normal w/ lavander (Maxine) = normals, macksnows. hopefully, passing down some lavander traits.

Patternless x Hypo(s) = normals het patternless.

Since your 2nd male is a patternless (recesive trait) it will take an extra year of line breeding to get pattenless babies. Thats why i’d pair most females up with the mack snow (co dom trait), it will automatically give you 50% mack snows.


06/01/11  12:38pm

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