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 Leopard gecko breeding help

As any one ever come across their male leopard gecko bleeding after its mated?
I mated my male with one of my females first time for both of them , He is 3 years old very healthy 90g`s
and i put it in with one of my females and he bleeds after he has done the deed and then it stops, i checked him over and his fine, As anyone come across it?

02/13/11  12:06pm


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  Message To: Lissiefay   In reference to Message Id: 2204695

 Leopard gecko breeding help

ok lissie i actually had this exact same thing happen to male was breeding for his first time last season and when i went in the room the tank was covered in blood......took him tp the vet and what happened is that he just ejaculated blood its not life threatening its just a mistake that happens to them sometimes to first time breeders so its nothing to bad to worry about just make sure he doesnt have a prolapse.....just incase you dont know a prolapse is where the males hemipenis will become stuck outside of his body you would be able to see this it looks like a little red ball sticking out of his hind end!!!!! hope all this helps!!!!

02/22/11  12:00pm

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