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 She Wont Lay! Need Help! Times Almost Up!

I just currently bought a female Leopard Gecko.
When i purchased her the owner stated that she
was already pregnant and due anytime...
And when I bought her she was obviously pregnant.
Stretchy skin, fat, and has the obvious outline of the eggs
in her stomach. She was purchased about 4 weeks ago...
So there’s the 4 weeks plus the in between time for when
she was pregnant and w. her original owner.
And shes still not giving birth!
Iv been watching her day and night,
Her behavior is fine, appetite is fine, shedding fine. Everything’s fine.
Ans she is given all the necessary needs any pregnant Leo would need.
Yet it’s prob been carrying the eggs for like 5ish weeks.
What do I do?
Is something wrong?
What should I look out for?
How much longer should I wait?

08/22/10  09:43pm

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