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 Dropped eggs

Hi guys. So I’m new to crested gecko breeding and right now I have two breeding pairs both perfectly healthy on CGD and dusted crickets. I have two orange/red male and female and two chocolate colours with a bright orange strip on there backs from the same clutch I have them paired with the opposite colours to see what they will come up with but I’m having a couple issues.
1)my first set of eggs were dented n dry I didn’t see them in time.
2)I had two eggs incubating for a week and I accidently knocked over the container they were in from about a foot high. I painted a dot to mark the tops on day 1 so I returned them right side up after will they be ok or would that kill them?

Also where can I buy perlite/vermiculite?

05/09/10  12:17pm


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 Dropped eggs

The only advice i can give you is to see if they hatch and if they don’t then yes they died, you can tell if they start to rot and become very black, then they are dead. You will see the difference from live and dead eggs.

Good Luck

05/20/10  09:25pm

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