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 Pregnant female problems

we just decided to breed our male and female cresteds. we put them in the cage for about 2 weeks and were unsure if they bred or not. jus a few days ago we took ur male out and looked at our female and there seems to be 2 eggs in her! with this being ur first time breeding, we dont know how she is supposd to act. she just seems to be laying around the cage and not very active. we checked her mouth for the calcium sacs and they seem to be very good and pure. when we just took her out to check on her, m boyfriend felt under her and she seemed to almost "twitch" her head and she made a growling noise. we dont try to take her out much after we realized she was pregnant, but now when you go to check on her she does this normal? like i said, this is our first time breeding and are unsure if this is normal or not.... any help would be great! thanks!

06/21/09  12:54am


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  Message To: Kmkween20   In reference to Message Id: 2026169

 Pregnant female problems

Her behavior is perfectly normal for a pregnant female, disturb her as least as possible avoid picking her up and only disturb her if you need to clean the cage, feed or water her and she should be fine .

06/25/09  04:22pm


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  Message To: TluvsREPS   In reference to Message Id: 2028731

 Pregnant female problems

question, i have a pregnant female as well, we first noticed she was around the 4th of july...she still hasnt laid the eggs, today will be a full month. she has been laying in her water dish all day today, is that normal?? oh and i read that i can use perlite...but the only stuff i can find has "plant food" in it is that ok?????? please let me know ASAP!

08/04/09  10:44pm


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  Message To: Kodis   In reference to Message Id: 2051132

 Pregnant female problems

i believe it can take a little over a month for cresties to lay sometimes. does she have a proper lay box with humidity?

don’t use that type of perlite. just buy something like "hatchrite". there are a few commercial egg laying substrates now that work much better. check, they have pretty good prices.

08/14/09  11:51am


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  Message To: RubberDuckey273   In reference to Message Id: 2056829

 Pregnant female problems


Do you know if it is common for the female to lay one egg at a time? We can feel the other egg in her but it’s been a week now and she hasn’t laid the other one. It looks like the egg has dropped lower on her but I didn’t know if this was normal. The last time she laid both eggs within a few days of each other. Should we be concerned or just give her time. She is spending a lot of time on the ground and digging in the cage. We tried the breeder box but she would not use it so I put the contents in the bottom of the cage and she is in a cage by her self.

Any advise is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


08/25/09  01:14pm


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  Message To: TGS   In reference to Message Id: 2063284

 Pregnant female problems

that sounds like she could be egg bound. females can lay one at a time, though its usually within a few hours.

how old is your female? how much does she weigh? is she getting pure calcium in a dish, as well as having her food dusted at least 2 times a week with calcium w/ d3? does she have an under tank heater or a light bulb for heat?

the fact that she’s digging is a good sign. hopefully she’ll lay in the next couple days. don’t worry too much right now, first time mommies sometimes have a little trouble. you may want to offer her 2 lay boxes, one on the warm side and one on the cool side, and keep them fairly moist. she might just be picky about where she’s laying her egg.

08/26/09  08:27pm

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