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I have 4 leo geckos and I was wondering if any of them are boys or girls, I know the adult female is a girl and pretty sure the other adult is a female, but we have 2 babies about 7 months old or a little older and I was wondering about breeding them. (we think one is a boy and the other’s a girl). Is it possible if both babies turn out to be boys to breed them with a gecko about a year older?? But the one we know for sure is a girl, she is aggressive towards other what do you think I should do??

05/29/09  05:33pm


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not sure if this still applies as it’s an older post, but to answer the question..


here’s two pictures, the left is a female, the right is a male. compare your two adults to these pictures, or if you can get clear pictures of these regions, ill take a look. if the two adults have been together and aren’t breeding, there’s a pretty good chance they’re both female.

i would separate the two juvies for now, at least until you’re sure of their genders, and especially if one is showing aggression. at 7 months you should be able to sex them. if the aggressive one is female, you can try to introduce her to the other females when they’re all about the same size, but keep a close eye on them. remove her if aggression remains. if either or both are males, keep them separate. I like to wait until leos are about 1 year old before breeding them, and at a healthy weight with a nice fat tail.

08/14/09  11:48am

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