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 What am I donig wrong??

Ok, clutch #3. Eggs were fertile. Eggs pip, or at least split open. Nothing comes out. No movement. After 24 hrs I slice just a little to see what is going on, only to find another fully formed baby dead. The egg had "pipped" on top of his/her head, so I am guessing it suffocated in the egg? But why? 3 clutches now. I have 4 more clutches in the incubator and don’t want to incubate eggs that are going to die right before/during hatching. I don’t like to slice eggs, but when I think their is something wrong I will. I know one of the other clutches had a single egg "spring a leak" about a week ago but it sealed itself up. I am afraid that baby is dead as well. This most recent baby had its little tongue hanging out. I have never had a problem with any other eggs in the past, just cresteds. Any ideas what I am doing wrong or is it the pairing? Two different females but the same male.

05/07/09  03:22pm

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