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 Crested Gecko Infertile eggs

So, My crested Geckos have breed. this being their third time, unfortunately the first two times were unsuccessful. the eggs i pulled out today, 04/30/09 had small brown dots on them. I’m not sure if that is bad. or if there is something wrong I’m doing, or if there is something wrong with my gecko. I think that she would have enough calcium, i dust the crickets i give them, every week, along with specific crested diet supplement powder stuff by T-Rex and baby food as well.
Any advice would help

04/30/09  01:29pm


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 Crested Gecko Infertile eggs

I always incubate until I am 100% positive they are no good. Sometimes good eggs just look bad. What substrate are they being laid in/on? There is a chance the color from the substrate is soaking into the eggs.

As for calcium, open her mouth. Inside in the upper rear of her mouth there should be 2 white "sacks". Those are her calcium sacks. If they are there, calcium is good.

I would stop using the baby food. It really serves no purpose. You could offer it as a snack once in a while, but all they really need is supplied in the CGD powder. I don’t even feed mine crickets. Maybe once every few months I will give crickets as a treat but they are doing great on the CGD alone.

05/12/09  03:20pm

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