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 PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, I have recently heard about breeding geckos. Now I want to breed my own geckos. The problem is I only know a few things about it? Can anyone help me with my problem????? THANKS!!!

04/05/09  10:05am


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  Message To: BGIMT   In reference to Message Id: 1980461

 PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

When u want to breed them put the male in the females cage and let nature do the rest :) If u put the female in the males cage the male might just ignore her, make sure the female is healthy enough to breed as well, as soon as u see them done mating put the male back in his cage so the female dosent stress leading to the death of the babies and the female. If u have anymore Q’s let me know, i would be happy to help!

06/25/09  04:30pm


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  Message To: TluvsREPS   In reference to Message Id: 2028737

 Breeding Question

Recently my daughters geckos started breeding should I remove the female from the cage now and how do you know when they are done breeding? It seems to me that everytime we look over at them the male is trying to breed with our little girl. The other male isn’t doing anything. She laid eggs three weeks ago but I didn’t know what I was doing and they dried out. I have put something in the cage now for her to lay her eggs but what else should we do?

07/23/09  10:58am


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  Message To: TGS   In reference to Message Id: 2043895

 Breeding Question

just a queation you said the other male isnt doing anything? do you have 2 males in the same tank? i usaly put a container in the corner with some vermiculite the female willstart to dig in it then lay her eggs and then cover them up i have 3 females that will use the same container just becareful uncovering the eggs usally there will be 2 nice and white eggs sitting there you can set up an incubator either by buying one wich they run any where from 50 dollars and up or you can make one using a styro foam container with a lid a fish tank heater and some containers with a lid fill the styrofoam container half full with water place the fish tank heater in the water get it to the proper temps the have the conatiners that you place your eggs into half full with vermiculte cover them poke a few holes in the top of those lids and presto you have an incubator it has workd wonders for me but i also have a proper one as well lol

10/12/09  01:44pm


Geko keeper
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  Message To: Snakesgalore   In reference to Message Id: 2083086

 Breeding Question

Ther are steps to follow before you actually start.

1.Make sure you are ready and have all preparations taken care of.
2.Make sure you have a male and a female.I have a friend who has two females and he didn’t know it. A male several V shaped preanal pores at the base of the tail don’t grab him by the tail to check either.
3.Make sure you are not going to lose interest during the incubation time It can take anywhere from 90
to 130 days.
4.Make sure the female is in perfect health and is plump enough so that she doesn’t die giving birth. and feed her whatever you feed her as long as some of it is dusted in C3 calcium powder. This will make the egs healthy and more likly to hatch. It will also prevent the eggs from poping inside the female.
5.the mating is rough so remove the male once the pair do the dirty this is as I said rough. Don’t panic He nibble the base of the females tail and work his way to her neck and bite her so he can give her his part. He will lift her tail with his hind leg and put the due onto hers.
6. gestation (also known as the time until the eggs are ready to come out ) takes about thirty days.When the female is done laying she will be exhausted I recomend puting her in a seperate tank to recouperate from the ordeal.

Follow these steps and you should be fine I will post a link to a homemade incubator and further instructions.

This site has pictures of what coppulation(mating) should look like and has the male and female differences.

11/21/09  03:40pm


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  Message To: TluvsREPS   In reference to Message Id: 2028737


I put my male and female leo in a neutral area and the male tries to breed and the female just ignores him and bites him. She is 55 grams, And is very healthy so is the male. WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!!!

06/16/10  10:24am

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