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 Leopard gecko breeding

hey guys i have a male tangrine hypo het tremper albino thats 56 grams and a female blizzard co dom snow thats 48 grams i seen them mate today and i wanna kno wat the chances are that she took and will produce eggs

03/29/09  01:17am


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  Message To: Boaboss08   In reference to Message Id: 1976392

 Leopard gecko breeding

The chances are very high. Ive never had a breeding not take.
48g is a little low to be breeding your female. Most breeders dont even consider breeding a female till she is over 60g.

Watch her because she will lose a lot of weight laying season and will need a vet if she gets too skinny.



05/16/09  12:15pm


Leopard gecko lover~
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  Message To: Leah123   In reference to Message Id: 2005675

 Leopard gecko breeding

yea 48g is way to low wait till she hits at least 55-60g like leah says

05/16/09  09:17pm

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