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 Help with new baby panther gecko!!

So A while ago I bought two panther geckos. The pet store told me they were a male and the baby was female. They told me I would have to separate them when the female was older and they started mating, shortly after I got her she got really sick and died. I tried separating them after she got skinny but it was too late. Since then I have learned that the male will mate regardless of her age and will kill the female from over mating. I was really tore up about it and didn’t even realize that’s how she died until this morning when I woke up to a BABY gecko!! She must have hid her egg pretty well cause I had no Idea it was there until it hatched. I separated it immediately in its own 10 gallon tank but have no clue how to take care of him! please help!!

I emptied the sand out and put him on the carpet liner. for food I put a combo of dried mini flies, cut up dried worms and wet food cubes meshed up. I Spray the tank a couple times a day, but what else do I do?? Can they eat the small crickets??? hes so small I don’t want the crickets to kick his butt if i try feeding them to him.

03/04/09  01:59pm

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