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 New with breeding!!!!

i am from the (rhacodactylus ciliatus)a.k.a. crested gecko foroum...
i have a harly// dalmation about 2-3 months old ad i have a dalmation//harly male about 2 years old!
they are very beautifal...
i will be maby getting a flame partial pinstripe famale that i am going to breeding with my male harvay!
i want to please know everything about breeding cresteds!
thanks guys!!!

12/22/08  10:21pm


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 New with breeding!!!!


I would suggest a book. The best one out there is known as the "rhac bible" here is a link to were you can get it. Link
I also believe that Anthony has copy’s on his page as well. There will be newer ones coming out for each of them in the next few years but that one is your best bet for getting started now.
Crested breeding is simple but the main thing is making sure you have good healthy geckos from the start and you properly set up for the babies. This means don’t breed them to soon, make sure they are all 35+g and have been cooled for at least 3 months before you get them started a 2ed time. Also keep keep an eye on there cal sacs. There is a lot of time and money that goes into breeding. When I first started I spent hundreds of dollars just getting set. The main advice I can give is don’t skimp on the necessities and its always best to have extra and not to little of something.
Good Luck!

12/31/08  05:24pm

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