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 Incubation Temps and Humidity

My Pair of crested geckos laid 2 eggs and I need to know the temps and humidity for incubating the eggs. Currently I have the eggs in a Hovabator Incubator with the

Temperature: 76.8 Degrees Fahrenheit

10/12/08  11:50am


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 Incubation Temps and Humidity

The lower the temperatures, the longer the eggs will take to hatch. This is good though because that means the hatchling will come out larger, stronger, and healthier. I’d drop the temperatures down to 70-72 degrees. You want incubation to last somewhere between 75 and 90 days if possible.

Your humidity seems quite high. You don’t want it so wet in there that it causes mold to form on perfectly good eggs. Drop your humidty to between 75-80 or even less than that. So long as your incubation material is constantly moist, you should be fine. What type of material do you use? Perlite? Hatchrite?

11/02/08  01:07am

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