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 White Line (Skunk) Gecko Eggs

Hello all! I am new here!

I just acquired an enclosure that I planned to use for my cresties. It came along with two White Line Geckos. A female and a juvenile. I know NOTHING about these animals. I didn’t even know what kind of Geckos they were until I researched them last night! The guy who had them thought they were cresties.

There are four eggs attached to the walls. Three of the four are gray. One is white, but is attached to a dark one. I have no idea when they were laid. The guy I got them from has had them a month and the eggs were there when he got them. They are not dimpled and don’t seem to smell bad. Though I have no experience with eggs either good or bad.....

Can anyone tell me what the gestation period is on Skunk Gecko eggs? I can’t find much information on them at all, except that they are related to Tokays. What should I do for the eggs? As far as I know, they haven’t had any special care, just left alone at room temp for at least a month.

Any advice I can get would be much appreciated. Thanks!

08/12/08  12:29pm


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 White Line (Skunk) Gecko Eggs

Not much info available about them, but I have found the only info about them is basically the same as tokays.

have a reputation for being good breeders in captivity, the female laying two hard-shelled eggs per clutch. The eggs are normally "glued" to the side of the tank or some other surface, in which case it is normally difficult or impossible to move them without breaking them. In this case most authorities recommend sticking some sort of protection around them, eg a small plastic pot with holes for ventilation, preferably allowing the viewer to see inside. Incubation periods vary: one source cites 65-200 days (McKeown and Zagorski), another three to six months (Walls and Walls), so it does seem to be a case of wait and see, and be patient if nothing seems to be happening. The hatchlings should be removed and placed in their own cage, although there have been some suggestions that the mother does show some signs of maternal protectiveness towards the eggs at least.

As for the ones that are gray, possibly they are bad, or it could be the little gecko growing inside. Just wait it out. If you try to remove them, you could ruin all the eggs.

08/20/08  06:53pm

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