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 Crested Gecko Breeding

Thinking about breeding in the future but I had a few questions that I can’t find answers too and a few I just want to be sure I have right:
-How long do you usually keep them together? (If i don’t catch them in the act what is a general rule, one night, a few nights, a week?)
-How long after the actual breeding till she lays the first clutch?
-When you do put them together should I put them in a neutral cage or put the male in with the females cage?
-From breeding the one time she will produce eggs for the whole season? (about 2 every3-6 weeks, up to 18 eggs total)
-And finally what is the best size enclosure for the hatchlings- If kept singly or if I kept them in small groups? There are many mixed answers out there.
Thanks for any help you can give!!

07/31/08  01:05pm

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