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 Is it possible?

not that i would ever do this, but is it possible to breed leos and afts? breeders, please respond


05/13/08  07:07pm


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  Message To: Frankluvsleps12   In reference to Message Id: 1734435

 Is it possible?

Well I think they could breed but I think the babies wouldnt make it and just some info I heard you CAN’T house AFTs and Leopard gecko together

05/22/08  06:03pm


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  Message To: LeopardLover<3   In reference to Message Id: 1743423

 Is it possible?

There was an article in reptilkes magazine abouyt the subject. It said that it hasnt been done before and should be discouraged. It might be possibl to atleast get them to breed if you get a sexually agressive male and introduce it to a female of the opposite speices. I think that in itself is a long shot, but say they bred now you nbeed all the chromosnes (or something like that) to match up. Now say the eggs hatch, witch is even more of a long shot, would they be fertile? Who knows? But its a VERy slim chance. Leos and AFT’s may look alike beacuse they are cousins in the reptile family, but they are addpted to different climates, and should Never be kept together.

05/23/08  06:57pm

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