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 I need some help.... help me please

i need some help i have a large fully grown male Leppard Gecko and if i get a large female and intoduce her to the tank would they breed? i have a question would the male or female attack each other, meaning do they get territorial?

05/12/08  05:58pm


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  Message To: GuitarplayerX15   In reference to Message Id: 1733193

 I need some help.... help me please

ummmm hi well if you get a female they will probably breed the temperature needs to be warm and you should leave the light on for 12 hours a day .....sometimes they will get territorial it depends on the gecko if they do start fighting then just take one or the other out and seperate them and introduce them in a couple weeks.....hope i helped ..


05/15/08  03:21am


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  Message To: Jamie19   In reference to Message Id: 1735964

 I need some help.... help me please

I agree with Jamie but sounds like you need to do more reasearch If you are not sure about that you should take a month to find out about breeding and be prepared you need a incubator Hovabators work great you NEED to make sure the female is at least 50 grams before they breed it take LOADS of energy out of the female. Your leopard geckos will probably only fight if they are getting tired of seeing each other. You have to make sure you have a female if you have a male they will figh some people make that mistake and end up with an injured gecko. If you have any questions PM me hope I helped

05/22/08  06:01pm

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