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Uchiha_obito10   Alleycatt  
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 New Hatching medium???

Hey guys, I found this new "Hatch Rite" egg medium. Has anyone heard or used this?
If so, does anyone think this is a good idea. I just ordered some a week ago and it just came in.
It looks JUST like perlite.

05/06/08  05:22pm


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  Message To: Uchiha_obito10   In reference to Message Id: 1727215

 New Hatching medium???

apparently it isn’t that new, i thought it was too, but works great, i use it and ever since i have i have had 100% hatch rate!!!! so that is always good.

someone just came out with something called super hatch though, and i think that i am going to try that out because it is re-usable, and you can see when it is drying out because of the color.

05/07/08  10:49pm

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