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 Adorable but odd behavior

So, Iíve heard of them doing this, but what does it mean when a leopard gecko sways its tail back and forth real slow like a cat? Also, a few moments later, I reached my hand in and she looked at it and lunged at it like it was a cricket. She bit on and was hanging from my finger, thrashed for a second and everything. My best guess about the bite is just that she was curious as to whether it was food or not. I could be wrong, and I have no clue about the tail thing. Any info?

12/02/07  03:45pm


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  Message To: Hehoo   In reference to Message Id: 1533597

 Adorable but odd behavior

Most like she saw her reflection in the glass and got defensive, the slow tail thing is a dominate thing. Her saying "Iím bigger than you, watch out!" and then when you moved your hand in she may have mistaken it for the reflection...was one the out side of the glass next min in there with her so she decided the tail thing did not work, the next step is attacking. IMO, thatís why you got bit.

12/03/07  05:27pm


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  Message To: S.   In reference to Message Id: 1534651

 Adorable but odd behavior

Are you sure that your lizard is a female for starters ??

That is what male geckos do to spread their scent =/

09/08/08  06:36pm

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