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 Melanistic for sure, gravid female??

I caught a melanistic garter snake about a week ago and I am currently housing it with two smaller garters that I think are males. I think the melanistic one is a gravid female. These snakes ar getting along just fine with each other. Their setup is a 34x14x20 aquarium with a small divider for an aquatic side. The "water dish" is 4 inches deep, and takes up maybe 8 inches of the length of the tank. I am using a 45 watt floodlight which they seem to be enjoying basking directly under. I really want to know if this "female" is actually such, and if it is bearing young. I will post pictures if someone replies and can help me learn what I want to find out. I want to breed the melanistic one with a northwestern that I have that I think is a male. "His" pattern is beautifully red, I’ve never experienced such vibrant pigmentation in a wild garter, and I think these two snakes have the potential for some very attractive offspring. I would post pictures right away normally but my camera is MIA at the moment. I also would rather know if someone can help me or refer me to somewhere/one who can before I destroy my house looking for my camera :P
Please help me :) I want to know for sure so that I can better arrange their housing situation and perhaps re-accommodate a couple snake of the snakes if they aren’t potential breeders.
Any information on breeding garters in captivity would be extremely helpful as well :)

05/23/12  12:46am

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