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Totianna   Jimbone  
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 Garter snake education needed !

First, hello and thank you for your time and help.
Yesterday I got a baby garter snake from a friend at camp, her garter snake had twenty-three babies. but after reading some care sheets from different sources online, i feel like she has been improperly caring for her garters. she told me to house it in a critter keeper and to feed it on a regular diet of feeder goldfish. For bedding she told me to use ceder chips and for a heat source she told me to use a heating rock. so thus far about the only thing that she has told me that is correct is that they need a hide on both the cool and warm side of the habitat. Any accurate information would be greatly appreciated! is it ok to feed my garter feeder guppies? again, thank you for any help you can provide me :-)

10/09/11  11:20am


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 Garter snake education needed !

no they eat toads and frogs and earthworms they could get diseases from not eating their regular diet

10/14/11  06:36pm

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