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 Help Me with feeding problem.

Help : My garter hadnt eatten for 3 weeks now. He will carry the pinkie around the cage but then doesnt eat it. It is a Checkered Garter about 2.5 ft . Sometimes it will eat 1-2 pinkies at a time. But latley it is not eating so well. Like leaving its pinkies.

I am feeding every sunday. What can I do to help my garter Carpenter. Is this Normal to slow down in fall and winder time with it feeding. any help for Carpenter..


10/24/10  08:49pm


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 Help Me with feeding problem.

If its 2.5 feet long, pinkies are awefully small for it to be eating. Mine are about 18 inches and on hoppers. I would try a fuzzy if you can get them. After its eating fuzzys well for a few weeks, you may want to bump up to hoppers.

That said, make sure the snake has a hide so it can feel secure and perhaps try feeding it near its hide. There are many reasons a snake can go off feed. Is it cooler in your house now? What are the temps on the cool and warm sides of your tank? Also be sure its pooping regularly. If it is not, it could be an impaction depending on what kind of substrate you have. It could also be shy and not want to be watched feeding. If its in a high traffic area of your house you may want to move it somewhere more private.

Hope its not an impaction, and just the shorter day blues. Dont panic though. Sometimes a snake will do this then go right back to eating with gusto. Keep an eye on it, and if its not pooping, bring it to a vet. If it is pooping, you can get a stool sample and rule out internal parasites.

11/12/10  11:30am

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