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 How to tell pregnant garter?

I found a garter yesterday, and I think she was pregnant. I didn’t keep her, but I was just curious, is there any way to tell a pregnant garter from just a plump one?


09/04/10  03:59pm


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  Message To: CapeCobra   In reference to Message Id: 2173618

 How to tell pregnant garter?

You can get a good idea but letting to crawl through your fingers. Thumb on the back index finger on the stomach.

The babies will feel like lumps or soft marbles inside her as she’s crawling through your fingers.

It’s not an exact science, but will give you an idea

10/18/10  10:46am


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: Ameivaboy   In reference to Message Id: 2181807

 How to tell pregnant garter?

Be very careful not to press too hard. If it is a wild caught you will most likely stress it out. Its a bit late in the year for wild caught corns to lay eggs. Assuming that its wild caught, more than likely its just eaten a big meal- found a nest of mice or something- in which case stress could make it regurgitate.

11/12/10  11:33am

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