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 My garter snake

I have had my garter snake for a few weeks now. I have tried feeding him guppies, fillet and earth worms, but he has yet to eat anything, only been drinking water. He has been shedding, and I’ve heard when they shed, they become lethargic, and do not eat, but its been a few weeks. He has defecated a few times I’ve noticed. When I pick him up, he’ll taste me and then open his mouth. Does anyone know why this is? If anyone has any information, that would be great. I’m very worried about the little guy!

Thank you~Michiex

10/27/09  09:36am


Cornsnake chris
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 My garter snake

He may be sick.Garters r usually good eaters n all those food items are correct. but he might be holding out for a frog ,they love all types of frogs.Some snakes will just open thier mouth n not bite when angry they will also deficate on thier captor ribbons,dekays, n crayfishsnakes do that. I would just release it n get another garters are everywhere as a matter of fact we removed 8 off the road while herpin in the glades last week although there were alot of roadkills.Anyway good luck.

10/29/09  12:25pm

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